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Spaceghost MK 0.0.1

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A note for posterity, if you're viewing this page some time after the beginning of 2019 this page did not look good. I've used the great boiler plate theme from Nahuel Sanchez called Pale Ghost. I can't speak for how it will hold up in the future but for someone who is new to ghost development like me, it's been a really useful starting place.

I've had this idea of how I wanted to structure a site of mine for a really long time and for various reasons never got it out the door. The short of it is I wanted visiting my corner of the web to feel sort of like visiting my own home, seeing the things I find valuable, work I'm proud of and other things I would love to tell you about and show you. This time I'm going to do this out in the open with the ghost theme publically available via github and my thoughts documented right here viewable by all— mistakes included. (eg, was that the right punctuation?)

I've decided to kick this off by porting over my old 2016-2017 portfolio as a top-layer to the site which is what you probably saw to get here. once everything else has matured to a place I'm comfortable with I'll switch gears and move that old site to some kind of archive sub-directory.

I'm hoping I'll get some value out of being able to reflect on what this process was like in the future but with some luck this will be useful to whoever reads along as well. Feel free to reach out via twitter in the meantime.

Defining "Design"

Defining "Design"
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Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

Charles Eames

I actually really love this definition. It’s honest and apolitical. Design can do harm without losing the definition of what design is, I think that gets lost in other definitions. This definition hits at what the action of design actually is without offering an opinion on what good or bad design might be while also leaving room for that kind of augmentation.

I would extend this to say good design is when the purpose is clearly defined and ultimately achieved (at least good in the sense of effective). To have morally good design, you then only need to define what your values dictate as “good” and I think that fluctuates from person to person.

The reason why so many people struggle with accurately defining their role is because the term “Designer” falls short. So much can be designed that it’s unreasonable to expect any individual to be capable of designing everything. But when the things you design don’t all neatly fit within a specific category, what do you then call that grouping?