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A Living First Draft

I've had this rough vision for what I wanted my website to be, Going back all the way to 2012. I wanted a place that was a constant stream of all the things I thought, discovered, and loved. A place I could use to share that with others and to act as a sort of time capsule for myself in the future. I wanted to be able to create collections of different kinds of content grouped by some shared property and be able to share and manage it all on the same platform. Collections of blog posts, photos,

Taurean Bryant
2 min read

Managing the Transition CSS Property at Scale

The transition CSS property is something that I don't see talked about often and yet it's one of the more difficult places to keep things consistent. If you're working in a larger codebase, especially with enterprise web software like me, it's easy for things to become inconsistent and seem impossible to apply constraints to. I chalk this up to a few different reasons: * In a situation where you need to add an additional transition property when one is already set, you need to remember to r

Taurean Bryant
3 min read