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Apple's new typeface "New York"

Apple has quietly added a new typeface to their collection of developer resources, New York []. Interesting additional fact: Susane Kare (the woman who did the original mac iconography if I remember correctly) had designed typefaces for Apple way way back called San Francisco and New York. This is the second typeface Apple has released that shares the same name as an older typeface of theirs. like all

Taurean Bryant
1 min read

WWDC 2019 Thoughts

Now that I've had some time to process it I guess that XDR display makes more sense [] . Seems like apple’s big mistake is slapping ‘pro’ on things. Now when they actually release pro gear, people interpret it as slightly-higher-end consumer. The $999 monitor stand only sold separately also makes sense in this context, these monitors don’t come with stands. The $199 VESA mount makes slightly more sense now that I k

Taurean Bryant
2 min read