WWDC 2019 Thoughts

Now that I've had some time to process it I guess that XDR display makes more sense. Seems like apple’s big mistake is slapping ‘pro’ on things. Now when they actually release pro gear, people interpret it as slightly-higher-end consumer. The $999 monitor stand only sold separately also makes sense in this context, these monitors don’t come with stands. The $199 VESA mount makes slightly more sense now that I know it magnetically locks in place/easily removes to take from job to job.

24hr later thoughts:

  • They should have hammered home that the XDR Pro display is a hybrid of different product categories instead of a competitor to your average $500-$1000 display
  • They should have marketed the display as started at $5999 / $6999, $4999 / $5999 without a stand.
  • the mac pro could probably start at a lower price point by at least $1000
  • the mdx component things might wind up being really damn cool depending on what third parties do
  • I don’t think they should have even joked about the display having portrait mode and how that’s “great for coding”
  • Why the hell does configuration for memory stop at 1.5TB but storage stops at 4TB?
  • they’ve got to figure out a new way to clearly communicate the difference between entry level (macbook), mid-tier (macbook air), ✌🏼“Pro”✌🏼 (rMBP/iPad Pro), and Pro (XDR, Mac Pro)